Learn to distinguish the types of bags and dark circles and get a heart attack look

Learn to distinguish the types of bags and dark circles and get a heart attack look

Learn to distinguish the types of bags and dark circles and get a heart attack look

We mistakenly call the aesthetic imperfections around the orbit of the eye, that is, everything that we do not like about our eyes because it makes us look older or makes us look tired, dark circles. However, they are not. They can be dark circles or they can be bags and, within them, have a different origin and, therefore, a specific treatment.

To find out what dark circles are, what bags are and how to alleviate each one, we turn to Dr. Gabriela Molina, a doctor at AEVO Clinics, who explains the causes for which they appear and possible treatments to minimize their appearance:

-What are dark circles and why do they appear? We call dark circles -or idiopathic hyperchromia of the orbital ring- the darkening of the orbital region, either due to melanin pigment or dilation of the capillaries near the surface of the skin. They can appear for different reasons: flaccidity, sinking, vascular problems and, when they are brown, due to skin pigments.

-What is the best treatment for dark circles? If they are due to sinking, they are treated with infiltrations of hyaluronic acid to fill in and improve the depression. If they are due to coloration by brown pigment, with chemical or laser peels (although not in our clinic). If they are due to vascular-type coloration, carboxytherapy can be used to oxygenate the area, promoting increased blood and lymphatic circulation.

-Why do you sometimes have bags under your eyes even though you're not tired? Because it can influence the genetic component and some habits such as smoking, in addition to the action of hormones, stress, poor diet, an allergy or dehydration of the skin, among other factors.

-How are the ''water'' bags different from the ''fat'' bags? We call palpebral bags -or bags of fat- the bulge that forms in the lower eyelid when the fat that naturally protects, surrounds and facilitates the movement of the eye, comes out of its structure, becoming evident. With bags of water we refer to the retention of liquids that originates from lack or poor lymphatic drainage in the orbicular area.

-Is there an alternative to remove bags without surgery? The eyelid bag requires a surgical treatment called blepharoplasty. In consultation, bags can be camouflaged by infiltrating hyaluronic acid in the structure that supports the dark circles, which is in the area of ​​the cheeks and cheekbones. With this, it is possible to hide it and give a more rested effect in the look, but if we want to eliminate them, we must go through the operating room.

-Easy tips for a look that seems to have missed years: adopt healthy lifestyle habits, without tobacco or alcohol, with a balanced diet; avoid foods high in salt, which increase fluid retention; increase the hours of sleep to about 6-8 hours a day; avoid prolonged sun exposure; apply eye contour creams that help improve circulation; and place cold in the area to improve drainage and decongest.

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