How to start investing in the Stock Market? |

 How to start investing in the Stock Market?  |

How to start investing in the Stock Market? |

If you are thinking of entering the world of financial markets to start investing in the stock market, but you do not know where to start, I will list some tips that I think you should take into account to start off on the right foot.

Take aim!1. Get trained and learn to invest in the Stock Market It is essential that if you have never invested in the stock market before, you start training before working with your real money.

You can train in a self-taught way, although we always recommend that you get advice and that you be accompanied by someone who has already traveled the path to be profitable. You can take a Profitable Trading Course or train in a

School of Trading and Finance since mistakes in the stock market can be very expensive.

Think that the raw material with which you will work in the financial markets is your money, and you have to know at all times where you are putting your money and what you are doing with it. 2. Work with a good broker

Many brokers that are on the market are of dubious origin and quality, so it is very important that you work with a broker that, above all, is registered with a regulatory body such as the CNMV or ESMA, and that also has a reliable platform and agile to work with.3. Start trading in Demo

Before putting your money to work, it is important that you have previously practiced with a demo account.

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With this account you will be able to gain ease, try and experiment before launching yourself on the market in real. Thus, if you make mistakes, or rather have learning, you will not lose your money. The demo account is a very good tool to learn without having to put your money at risk.

Most brokers offer this type of account and it is possible to open them very quickly. Once you are ready after your learning stage, you can jump into the real market to get a return on your money.

The learning time will depend on you, on the discipline and perseverance you have to achieve your goals and to acquire the necessary knowledge to be a profitable trader. 4. Do not invest in the stock market the money that you cannot afford to lose

This is a very common mistake resulting from poor organization and management of our finances.

It is very important that you do not risk the money that you cannot afford to lose so as not to stay at zero and go bankrupt. So: do not put all your capital in the stock market.

Instead, save to allocate some of your money to investment and you will not have any problems with your finances. 5. Start with a small capital

It is better to start little by little, with a small capital, than not with a very large amount of investment. Especially at the beginning. This way you can reduce the risk of losses.

Once you gain ease and experience, you will be able to increase your investment in a conscious and controlled way. 6. Define your trader profile

Stock market operations can take several minutes, hours or days. It all depends on you and how you operate.

To discover what type of trader you are, you can try different timeframes to know which timeframe you are most comfortable with. Perhaps you prefer day trading or scalping (shorter trades), or swing (longer duration trades).

Depending on the time you want to dedicate to it, and what your goals are, one strategy will be better for you than another.7. Set a time for yourself and stick to it

It is important that you do not obsess or spend all your time in front of the screen. Focus when you open and close the trade, but regardless of whether you have made a profit or a loss, do not be thinking about it all day, as it can make you restless and uneasy.

Decide how long you are going to trade and when you are done, focus on something else. Tell us, have you ever traded on the stock market or would you like to start trading? What is the most difficult for you?