Invertia the Ibex yields up to 8,400 points with falls of 3.2% pending Ukraine

Invertia the Ibex yields up to 8,400 points with falls of 3.2% pending Ukraine

Invertia the Ibex yields up to 8,400 points with falls of 3.2% pending Ukraine

The descents in the stock market were more as war drums resonated more strongly on the border between Ukraine and Russia.The first -hour falls were aggravated as the indications that pointed to a war set between the two countries occur.The IBEX 35 accelerated its falls to 3.2% that led to the index to 8,417.8 points.

A rhythm of descent that gave the Spanish index its worst session in the last two months, from the appearance of the Covid-19 omicron variant.And, also afflicted by uncertainty towards the next movements of the central banks and the appearance of new coronavirus mutations, the selective was left with a single cup almost 280 points.

The climate of tension, enhanced by the decision of the US and the United Kingdom to repatriate their diplomats in Ukraine, was such that only a few values managed to escape the almost omipresent red of the falls.

The worst part was carried by Grifols, with 7.5%falls.Then, the two metallurgicals of the selective, with Acerinox giving 7.4% and Arceormittal with 6.7% falls.Between them, IAG fell 7.1%.

Invertia El Ibex cede hasta los 8.400 puntos con caídas del 3,2% pendiente de Ucrania

Despite the war that took the session, Indra also suffered in the tail car with 6.4%setbacks.A level close to that left Pharmamar (-6.2%), which with the appearance of new variants of the Coronavirus again saw the possibility of its applidin to play a relevant role in the fight against pandemic.

He also yielded with fluidra force.The pool company fell 5% after Friday announced the closure of the refinancing of its debt and this weekend its CEO announced that it works in a new strategic plan that marks an annual growth of 6%.

On the other side of the table, Telefónica's behavior was barely remarkable, which became the only parapet to curb the setbacks of the index.Their actions added 0.46% against the countercurrent - although in some bars they added 3.5% - animated by the corporate movements that were seen again in the sector due to the possibility that Vodafone and Iliad combine their businesses in Italy.

In the end, Siemens Gamesa's solo wardrobe, which added 1.8% against countercurrent.A rebound with which he accessed 16.58 euros per share.

Beyond the reference index, the focus was placed on Neinor Homes.The actions of the largest Spanish real estate promoter left 1.7% when infected with the prevailing tension despite the fact that on the eve it was learned that the managers Juan Pepa and Felipe Morenés returned to the company with 18.45% of theirCapital through the Stoneshield capital fund, backed by Warren Buffett.

With all this, the search for investment refuge was felt in the secondary fixed income market with softer profitability.Spanish sovereign bonds to ten years reduced their profitability to the environment of 0.61%.

Some types that translated into a 72 -point premium against some German 'bunds' that deepened in negative dimensions up to -0.11%.And that less than a week ago entered positive types for the first time in the last 32 months.