Pharmamar shoots in the stock market after the success of his anticovid against omicron

Pharmamar shoots in the stock market after the success of his anticovid against omicron

  1. Javier Ruiz-Tagle

Pharmamar leads the increases in the Spanish Stock Exchange after making known a scientific article that supports the effectiveness against applying covid, its development therapy against pandemic.The pharmacist has announced the definitive results of the APLICOV-PC study (phase I-II), advanced last May, and confirm what was already intuited then: there is antiviral activity.

After communicating the news, the pharmaceutical price shot from the beginning of the session.About 10:00 in the morning, the action was valued at 58.9 euros, which implies a rise of more than 8.5%.The impulse also has a tour, since the medicine still has results for providing innuevos clinical trials.

But the best news to Pharmamar is that this effectiveness is extensible to all the variants of the coronavirus known so far, including the omicron."According to the final data published in this article, the medicine has shown to have a powerful antiviral activity in all variants at very low (nanomolar) concentrations with an in vitro positive therapeutic index," they say from the company.These studies have been led by Adolfo García-Sastre, a professor in the Department of Microbiology of the ICAHN School of Medicine of Mount Sinai, in New York.

PharmaMar se dispara en bolsa tras el éxito de su anticovid contra Ómicron

The scientific article reviews the clinical trial data appov-PC [1], which demonstrated the safety of plitidepsin in patients with COVID that require hospital admission.The trial reached the primary security objective and showed clinical efficacy.In addition, the study gathers consistent evidence of a plitidepsin mediated impact on viral load, on the inflammatory roads and in the normalization of lymphopenia.

Now, the company must focus its efforts to start the last phase of the Test Clinic to be able to take the product to the market.For some time Pharmamar is immersed in the recruitment of patients to be able to advance in development but the activity of the COVID during the past autumn was little intense.Now, the stage is conducive to finding volunteers.