Phrases that only Mexicans understand - Unknown Mexico

Phrases that only Mexicans understand - Unknown Mexico

Phrases that only Mexicans understand - Unknown Mexico

These are some phrases that Mexicans traditionally use, discover what each one means.

Give flight to the thread

This expression means that someone acts carelessly without thinking about the consequences of his actions.

It does to me what the wind does to Juarez

There are different versions regarding the origin of this phrase, an account that in his childhood Juárez survived a gale that surprised him aboard a canoe in the middle of a hunt.

Another version refers to a mural where he appears well combed while a flag waves on his back.

Mexicans, on average, use what the wind blows in Juárez to say that whatever it is, nothing will happen to us.

The chahuistle has already fallen on us

Frases que solo entendemos los mexicanos - México Desconocido

This phrase refers to when someone is caught doing something secret and is discovered just at the moment or when someone arrives that we did not want to be there.

You are seeing and you don't see

It means that something is obvious and is in front of our eyes, but we do not want to see it or accept it.

Give the cat

Give the cat is that something is similar or almost equal to another object that is more expensive.

I'm going to chat

Go shopping at a market or square and buy things that are not necessary.

know the ball

It expresses ignorance, not knowing about a subject about which they ask us. The ball in the times of the revolution were people who in towns and cities took up arms against the government of Porfirio Díaz.

Giving and giving, little bird flying

It means that there should be no delay in receiving what is bought, that is to say that one receives what he buys or exchanges at the moment the payment is received.

With tongue I eat a taco

It means that someone is telling us a lie or that we do not believe the lie that he tells us because he never does what he says.

Don't come to me because they bagged Chuchita

The phrase is usually used to say that you can't be fooled or that someone is trying to make some excuse that you won't believe.

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