Ten waste that we throw badly on plastic containers

Ten waste that we throw badly on plastic containers

Ten waste that we throw badly on plastic containers

It is said that preserving natural resources should not be an obligation but a responsibility of the whole society.We live in a world that, little by little, is being more aware that something should change if we want to continue with the earth in the coming years.Therefore, something as easy and essential as recycling must be an activity that we all internalize in our day to day.

There are many people who do not attend to nature or who want but still are not clear how to recycle.Between different bins and colored containers, there are enough that are lost in the ecological world.One of the issues that specialists believe that it must be explained is the one referred to yellow containers since in them, not everything is worth.

Yellow containers, what is and what should not be thrown out

According to Ecoembes, non -profit organization responsible throughout the Spanish territory to promote and manage the system for waste recycling, the yellow container is one of the most doubts among the population.This type of deposits has more than twenty years in our streets but sometimes it is difficult to see since there is only one for every 117 inhabitants.

The plastic war is already a reality and there are many companies that are beginning not to use them.Even so, Spanish households use many plastic containers, cans or bricks.Therefore, doubts should be dissipated as soon as possible and know that yellow containers should be used only for certain elements. Within said container we must place plastic bottles and containers, metal containers and briks as:

 Diez residuos que tiramos mal en los contenedores de plástico

As for the most common mistakes, there is one that stands out above all: that the object is made of plastic, it does not mean that it should go to the yellow container.Therefore, people usually make the mistake of depositing elements such as:

A review of recycling

Ecoembes states that it is very important to separate the containers and objects that people throw to the different containers.Now, for this you have to know what each of them is for.Here, a rapid review:

Blue container.It is one that is intended for paper and cardboard exclusively.

Green container.It is the most recognizable of all for its shape and in it they must deposit glass bottles, glass jars or food jars.

Brown container.Not in all cities this color has although the function is the same and are for: food remains such as fruit skins, fish thorns, plants, eggs or poses;o Used napkins and kitchen paper.

Gray container.Here are all the elements that do not serve the recycling process.Among others: toys, bottles, pacifiers, kitchen utensils, diapers, ceramic objects, compresses, pet sand, hair, dust, plillas, etc.

Clean point.It is for all those large waste to avoid problems and agglomerations in the containers.They can be fixed or mobile.