The Head Nation of the CNV highlights Enex's bond issue to generate investments

The Head Nation of the CNV highlights Enex's bond issue to generate investments

The president of the National Securities Commission (CNV) Paraguay, Joshua Abreu, mentioned that the entry into the stock market of a company such as Enex Paraguay SAE is a good sign in terms of the investment environment in the country, even more so being a capitalization of Chilean origin in fusion with a local group.

“What is very remarkable is that the capital raised now with the issue is destined for an expansion, because what Enex is doing is betting on a greater investment in the country, unlike other placements that are generally to pay debts or restructure them. ”, highlighted Abreu.

Thus, Enex's incursion into the capital market will be prosperous due to the value chain that it will mean, since it is betting on the expansion of more branches, which in turn will result in the generation of labor, indicated the head of the CNV.

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La Nación Titular de la CNV destaca emisión de bonos de Enex para generar inversiones

In this sense, it should be mentioned that the emblem provides for the construction of more branches nationwide, in addition to the 8 that are currently under construction, with which it is intended to close the year with some 100 service stations, according to those responsible for the signature.

Regarding the placement, Abreu highlighted that the company has acquired an issuance program of US$45 million, of which some US$20 million were issued to date and another US$25 million remain for the next stage.

booming segment

From the CNV they welcome the group's commitment to the stock market segment, one that is growing by leaps and bounds in the Paraguayan market, because with this issue a great start is given to 2022, which will undoubtedly not be easy, but they are confident in which it will be very important.

In this regard, he highlighted that the first two placements in the capital market took place in January, a period that is usually somewhat more leisurely and calm, that this time with Enex and another issuer, this trend is reversed and bet on a dynamic year in the segment, after 2021 that generated more than US$3,333 million, exceeding expectations, and 2020, when operations totaled US$1,942 million.

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