Columbus Factory: Stories and magic behind the scene of the Great Porteño Theater

Columbus Factory: Stories and magic behind the scene of the Great Porteño Theater

Columbus Factory: Stories and magic behind the scene of the Great Porteño Theater

An international artistic heritage that comes to light in the district of the Arts of the Barrio de la Boca (Av. Pedro de Mendoza 2163, CABA).The visitor can approach another aspect of artistic production - until now far - of the Colón Theater, one of the most important and the best for his acoustics in the world.At the beginning of November 15,000 people visited him in a weekend, within the framework of the Night of the Museums.

The Colón Theater in each staging is one of the few in the world that produce everything that is needed for it, with artists and artisans who were inheriting and maintaining excellence at work.And when we say everything is everything: scenographies, special effects, changing rooms that contemplate from the shoes to the wigs etc.Nothing is randomly freed and that is why Colón Theater is a national pride.

The workshops of the theater subsoils, such as those in the Chacarita neighborhood, is where these production works are carried out, which can last weeks or several months for each new set.Due to the difficulty represented by the storage of the scenographies - let's think in the large dimensions of these - they were taught after each function, that is, they did not reuse.A great loss by the way.

This great idea that is Columbus Factory implies having a lot of space to house what is produced and that, on the other hand, season after theatrical season is increasing.In this way everything is preserved and reused, without losses.It is also a space that due to its large dimensions allows work such as the Italian painting of the curtains, which is done standing on the canvases themselves, which can exceed 300 square meters.

Colón Fábrica: historias y magia del detrás de escena del gran teatro porteño

If we consider the magical and playful impact that this exhibition space causes to thousands of Argentine and foreign viewers, and all the material would not only be reusable by the Colón Theater, but will also be rented to other opera theaters of the world where it can be seenThe great value of Argentine accomplishments.This sum of factors then becomes a virtuous circle of sustainable management.A huge step.

Matteries of the scenario of scenotechnical arts of the Higher Institute of Art of the Theater will also be dictated to preserve the trades of the Italian School of Opera theaters.This will cause young people and adults to have the possibility of learning a recognized trade internationally.Columbus Factory is a comprehensive project in which artistic and scenotic production, training with labor exit and heritage preservation coexist.

Some details for those who already want to approach see Colón factory

Guided visits will be made in groups of 20 visitors, with a duration of approximately 40 minutes.The visits will take place every 15 minutes, whoever wants to attend must be punctual since only five minutes of delay margin are allowed.Within the tour there are recreation spaces for children and others of rest for the whole family.

You can interact with part of the scenographic material in a fun way, visitors are fascinated with the possibilities of discovery, game and quality of the above.In each stop it will be available, in front of the scenography, a screen where scanning a QR code will access audiovisual information and details of the work.As a suggested place, “floor marks” will appear from where the visitor can take photographs.

The scenographies that will appear, among others, on the tour are: Turandot (Giacomo Puccini opera, 2019);La Bohème (Opera by Giacomo Puccini, 2018);A tram called desire (André Previn Opera, 2019);The Corsair (Adamphe Ballet Adam, Cesarepugni, Leo Delibes and Riccardo Drigo, 2011);Hoffmann's stories (Jacques Offenbach Opera, 2019);Don Pascuale (Gaetano Opera Donizetti, 2019);Rigoletto (Opera de Giuseppe Verdi, 2019);Aida (Opera de Giuseppe Verdi, 2018).

Since November, visits are available every Saturday, Sundays and holidays from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.A sin lost it!