Entertainment Department of Ingrid Parra has a bathtub in the bedroom

Entertainment Department of Ingrid Parra has a bathtub in the bedroom

Entertainment Department of Ingrid Parra has a bathtub in the bedroom

Ingrid Parra rented her home, which has a peculiarity in the way the spaces are distributed. It is a duplex of 100 square meters with the bathtub in the main room. The actress told her that everything is due to the previous owner of the property.

Curious to say the least. Ingrid Parra's apartment has a bathtub in the bedroom. The theater and television actress spoke about the subject with the newspaper "Las Últimas Noticias", where she gave details of the property, which she put up for lease because she went to live with her partner in Chicureo.

“I bought it used. Before, a Frenchman lived here with his wife, who bought it in green. The real estate company gave them the option of designing it and he came up with the idea of ​​putting the tub in the room because they were both fans of a hotel in France that was in that format and they decided to replicate it,” explained the interpreter.

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Ingrid Parra rented for 8 months to see if she got used to it. "It's still weird to have your bed and a bathtub next to it," confessed the actress, who ended up liking the layout of the space and bought it. “I made an offer, they accepted because they went to live in France and it is wonderful: I would love to replicate the bathtub in the house that I am currently in,” she said.

Entretención Departamento de Ingrid Parra tiene una tina en el dormitorio

The figure of teleseries such as "Valió la pena" and "Cuenta conmigo" has been living in Chicureo for a year with her boyfriend. For the same reason, since the end of August she put her apartment up for rent. "It's big: it has two bedrooms, a living room and a family room all open, with the kitchen and living room in the same place," she said.

When asked about the experience of having a bathtub in the bedroom, Ingrid Parra stated that “it is comfortable, it is used more in winter than in summer. For example, the building does not have a swimming pool and if in the summer I was dead hot, I would get into the tub with cold water and that's it”.

Ingrid Parra answers an important question

The influencer also referred to a question that many may ask: Isn't the humidity that a bathtub can generate in the bedroom an issue? “You don't feel it, the space is very large and you don't get as much steam as in the shower. In addition, it has two large windows and it is well ventilated, ”she recounted.

“I never had to see humidity. In fact, there is wallpaper and it never came out,” stressed Ingrid Parra, whose apartment, located in Barrio Italia, can be rented for 600,000 pesos a month.

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