These platform shoes (with Italian stamp) are absolute popularity

These platform shoes (with Italian stamp) are absolute popularity

These platform shoes (with Italian stamp) are absolute popularity

ModaVersace has created one of the most popular designs, the 'Medusa Aevitas'. These up to date and vintage notes have captivated the best dressed.

By Melissa Vargas

Authenticity, brilliance and divergence dominate the Versace stage. Recently a shoe model began to pronounce her charm, platform shoes. A trip back in time was what its fall-winter 2021/2022 catwalk insinuated, transporting the fashion of the seventies, where bold colors, abstract graphics and XXL high-top sneakers encompassed all the tastes of fashion lovers. disco era.

Fantasy and a somewhat retro and punk style embraced the creation of Donatella Versace, who has been in charge of maximizing the suits that adorned the Italian firm's collections in the nineties with the brand's monogram and one of the supermodels who walked exactly next to Gianni Versace, Naomi Campbell. Returning to what it gives us, a design that pays homage to the maison in question has announced to be the fascination of the best dressed, and one of the trending platform shoes that enchants the asphalt, we speak of the 'Medusa Aevitas'.

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By Melina Abache

What are Versace's 'Medusa Aevitas' platform shoes?

The double platform design has a square heel that with daring gestures conquers glances. A thin strap to tie with rhinestones is present, while a Medusa charm hangs from it, the DNA of the brand is evident. To recapitulate the outfits that were linked to this fashionable footwear is to shelter absolute outfits that did not take a second to set sail in the closet of the most famous celebrities of the moment.

A common question gathers today How to combine platform shoes? And to shine on them flawlessly, we put together the blends that unleash a dazzling stylistic path.

How to combine Versace's 'Medusa Aevitas' platforms?

With mini dresses

One of the garments that predominated with the booming platforms were the mini-dresses, these revealed that they would travel in this footwear with full capacity during halftime, articulating with mesh socks, as was seen in the Versace autumn-winter 2021 parade. It was also worn by Ariana Grande, who specified that these in yellow would reach a note of enthusiasm. On her side, Ester Expósito created a very 'Barbie Girl' styling, confirming that the Y2K era is more relevant than ever.

As noted, the vibrant hues absorbed the hint of sophistication, and Beyoncé was no stranger to this. On her Instagram profile, she affirmed one of the outfits that she proclaims as timeless, a little black dress that she paired with an oversize blouse that made an instant connection with the pink platform shoes.

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Not only the encouraging ranges took sides, in the street style it was declared that the shine would capture all the media curiosity, and to raise it to a higher level, the structured sneakers raised her voice, inviting a touch of elegance and euphoria.

with midi dresses

Midi dresses - award-winning as a base this season - communicate being the styling center that will impose a more formal air. To proclaim greater precision, Versace, proposed this in a sweetheart neckline that, with a belt in the front, induces to detail the waist even more, and to verify kilometric legs, all the security was entrusted to the XXL heels.

Matching mini skirts

One of the looks that was consolidated as authoritative was the one coordinated in a red tone that caught all the attention of celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Eiza González, who determinedly wore the outfit mentioned in the parade. On her Instagram account, the Mexican actress published a gallery that pointed out her natural disposition for curated pieces, assuring once again that vintage trends adhere to the most prestigious appearances of everyday life.

If exteriorizing an outfit in just one pigmentation doesn't quite seduce you, this ensemble from fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni sure will. She indicated that a pleated miniskirt and a leather crop top would suit a trendy result, but more neutral to show off the 'Medusa Aevitas' in the coming celebrations.

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with pencil skirts

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Last but not least, a pencil skirt asserted to create more business clothes to prevail in the corridors of the office. To show itself with audacity, it indicated that, together with some mesh socks - the complete one that tamed the stylistic sphere of Versace - it will lively wrap the platform shoes, avoiding taking a false step that will counteract a positive effect. A more subtle way to wear the eloquent pair is to prefer this one in black, accentuating the suit, said by Dua Lipa, Medusa's muse.