How to know what size your child fits: neither too small nor too large

How to know what size your child fits: neither too small nor too large

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Choosing shoes for a boy or girl is not an easy task. The footwear protects and shapes the feet, while providing warmth and balance, so it is important that it is of quality . But finding a shoe that they like, seems comfortable and fits their size, is quite a task.

If you buy it too tight, in a very short time it will no longer be worth it, in addition to being completely harmful to its growth. If you buy it too big, it will not walk correctly and to compensate for the movement, it will perform very unhealthy foot supports.

centimeters more and less

So when do we determine that the size is too big? And too small? This is what the pediatric podiatrist Neus Moya (@neusmoya.podologa) says :

A size that is too large is one in which the insole protrudes more than 1.2 centimeters when we place our son or daughter's foot on it. A distance that will also depend on the boy or girl and the type of shoe.

A small size is one in which the distance between the insole and the big toe is less than half a centimeter. If this happens, we have bought the shoe too small and its use is completely discouraged.

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The limit size , the one in which we already have to go buy a new pair of shoes, is when it protrudes approximately half a centimeter.

For Moya, the ideal size is one that leaves a distance between the foot and the toe of between 0.8 and 1 centimeter.

The trick to measure the size

Removing the insole from the shoe is not always possible, and less so in a children's shoe store. For this reason, it is advisable to bring a homemade template from home with the silhouette of your son or daughter's feet, the shape of the fingers included.

In this way, we can check if it is the correct size even if we go without them. Now, remember to check that the two shoes fit well, since there is always one different from the other in length and breadth.

Useful tips for choosing shoes

When choosing a shoe, you not only have to take into account the size of the foot, but you also have to consider the sock with which it will be worn with that shoe. If we buy some ankle boots that are going to go with dresses and stockings most of the time, it will be possible to take a tighter size, since the fabrics are thinner and more slippery. On the other hand, if it is a shoe that will be used for the coldest days, it is better that it be a large size, to be able to wear thick socks.

The time of day in which we are going to buy the shoes is also important. If you are going to take your son or daughter shopping to try on a new pair of trainers or boots, it is better to do it in the afternoon , since he will have more dilated feet.

Finally, we should not only look at the foot: it is important to pay attention to the ankle as well. It is essential that the footwear does not dance a lot in that area, since it could lose security to walk.


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