“If you like cooking, there is no doubt that the best thing is to make your own recipes”

“If you like cooking, there is no doubt that the best thing is to make your own recipes”

“If you like cooking, there is no doubt that the best thing is to make your own recipes”


The Culture Classroom of LA VOZ DE AVILÉS returns this afternoon with a session specially designed for those with a sweet tooth and food lovers. The lawyer and blogger from Oviedo, Natalia Osorio, will present at 7:30 p.m. at the Ferrería University Services Center her book 'With flour in my shoes', a work in which she pours out countless pastry recipes that in recent years she has been sharing on a blog that shares a name with the new publication. She will be accompanied by the classroom coordinator, Mercedes de Soignie.

-How does a lawyer end up writing pastry books?

-I started this project seven years ago and it was thanks to a friend who always asked me to give her a recipe. I only cooked for myself, but they encouraged me and I opened the blog without any pretense. The fact is that little by little it began to grow, I did some collaborations with brands and people liked the type of recipes that she made, so I decided to continue and until today.

“I am very happy because I have achieved the goal of spreading gastronomy”

-In the end the blog has become a book with 85 recipes.

«Si te gusta la cocina, no hay duda de que lo mejor es hacerte tus propias recetas»

-The truth is that it was quite a surprise. When Delallama publishers proposed the book to me, I thought it was a joke, but I got excited and took the project very seriously, despite the fact that it was difficult to reconcile writing and preparing all those recipes with my work. Luckily it has been very well received, there are people who send me photos of the elaborations from a lot of places and that makes me very happy, because I understand that I have achieved the objective of spreading them.

-How did you select the recipes?

-The first thing was to create new elaborations that had not been seen before, for which I had to investigate, read a lot and do countless tests. All the elaborations I have made and photographed myself, some I have even had to repeat several times until I thought they were perfect. It was clear that they were going to be sweet foods because it is what represents me the most and what I became known for at first. It was not easy to make the final selection, but I wanted them to be simple and very well explained preparations, within the reach of anyone because I am clear that if you like cooking, there is no doubt that the best thing is to make your own recipes at home.

-What are the elaborations that the readers liked the most?

-Well, the truth is that the recipe on the cover has triumphed, which is a cheese brioche with blueberries. Those who have bought the book tell me that they want to take a piece and eat it right away. They also really like the rest of the sweet breads.

-Comment that many recipes were left out, are you already thinking of a second volume?

-I can't help but think about it, although now I want to enjoy this one. The fact is that I am constantly learning, going to cooking classes and accumulating recipe books. I love baking and, if my oven holds up, I have no doubt that I could publish another book. Always without leaving the blog.

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