The 5 most colorful looks of Queen Elizabeth II that you will surely want to know

The 5 most colorful looks of Queen Elizabeth II that you will surely want to know

The 5 most colorful looks of Queen Elizabeth II that you will surely want to know

We show you 5 looks of Queen Elizabeth that are full of color.

Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of the United Kingdom and she has been characterized by her unique, colorful and elegant style. Her outfits in the last decade have become part of her representative and key image of her in the way the queen presents herself in the formal acts that she presides over.

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Usually, her style includes a coat, a handbag, matching shoes and low heels, a brooch on her jacket, and a pearl necklace. The change consists of the bright and fiery colors that the monarch uses. From lemon green to royal blue, these are just some of the shades that Elizabeth II includes in her extensive wardrobe.

Here we bring together 5 looks that show that the queen bets on bright colors that make her stand out above any other attendee at royal events.

1. Love for fuchsia

On August 9 of this year, the official Instagram account that records some of the moments of the members of the royal family, The Royal Family, showed the monarch arriving at Balmoral Castle for the summer.

On that occasion, the queen wore her traditional dress with a matching bag and shoes. The fuchsia stole all eyes and matched the white flowered dress she was wearing under it. Her hat was also the same shade.

2. Royal Blue Contrast

On June 30, the queen and her daughter Princess Anne attended a kindergarten that is one of the last wild places in Glasgow. In the video, Isabel can be seen wearing a royal blue coat and hat. The queen wore a lapel pin and white gloves that covered her hands.

The hat included a headdress with white flowers that broke a bit with the monochromatic style that the monarch wore. With this outfit, the queen contrasted with the green landscape of the place.

3. Lit Purple

On June 29, the queen attended a memorial service for The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. This was a line of infantry in the British Army that had existed since 1881. For the event, the monarch wore her customary outfit, but this time in a bright and vibrant purple.

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4. Apple green with white

On March 31, the Queen presided over a memorial service for the 1,300 members of the Australian Air Force who have lost their lives in service. This event has been held since 1953 and for the occasion, the monarch wore an apple green outfit with white trim.

She combined this pattern with a matching hat that had flowers, black gloves and her traditional short-handle bag in the same color as her shoes.

5. Multi-color

Last November, the Queen spoke to the winners of the Commonwealth Points of Light award. Isabel weekly awards a volunteer from all over the kingdom in commemoration and recognition of her outstanding initiatives.

On that occasion, the monarch wore a dress that combined red and purple. This outfit reveals her taste for bright colors and makes it clear that the monarch is not afraid of combining strong and bright tones. Elizabeth II is an example that age is no excuse to stop wearing bright colors.