The best shoe racks to keep your shoes organized

The best shoe racks to keep your shoes organized

It is one of the favorite closets and resources for those who have many pairs of shoes and need to keep them in order. It is also very common in homes where there is a large family. Having a shoe cabinet is almost mandatory because its use is full of advantages.

In the market, we find countless types of shoe racks: wooden, for the hall, bamboo, with natural grains, to sit on, with two levels, steel, shoe racks, with doors, etc. One of the best options is this Homcom shoe cabinet, with two doors, four interior shelves and four exterior ones; We also recommend the Habitdesign wardrobe, vertical and with capacity for between 12 and 18 pairs of shoes.

The best, our choice: HOMCOM wooden wardrobe shoe rack

This shoe cabinet with 2 doors and 4 interior shelves plus 4 exterior shelves is one of the best proposals you will find on the market. It will serve as a shoe rack for hallway, living room and bedroom. This model is elegant and of high quality. Its design is practical with 2 doors and 4 shelves and at the same time it can be an open or closed piece of furniture. It is equipped with a drawer with four levels that is ideal for shoes and even for small accessories such as gloves, scarves and socks.

Marta has it installed at home and thinks that "the only thing I miss in this article is a lock and that the shelves are better secured. To do this, and as in my case it is permanent, I have glued them to the sides so that they fall when moving it. It is a piece of furniture that, due to its measurements, is as close as possible to what I was looking for. Besides, I bought a lock with a key that I installed myself. The assembly is super easy and it has everything you need except the tool. The only thing that seemed bad to me is that the supports for the shelves are not subject to pressure and, therefore, with furniture movements they can fall... Other than that, it's just what I was looking for." This shoe rack has a rating 4.2 out of 5.


Second option: Habitdesing shoe cabinet

This model measures 180 centimeters high, 50 wide and 20 deep. The capacity of the shoe rack is for between 12 and 18 pairs of shoes. It is finished in gloss white melamine and has the possibility of mounting the door on the contrary. This model must be anchored to the wall. In addition, it is easy to install and is delivered with the assembly instructions and its corresponding tools.

Felipe has bought it and says that "I had doubts because of some of the criticisms, but once received, unpacked, and assembled, the truth is that I cannot complain at all, taking into account the price of the product. It arrived well, on time promised, and except for a minimal and almost imperceptible blow in a corner, everything is perfect. The shoe rack is what it is, according to its price. You cannot be demanding for a product of a very good price and that, in my opinion, complies perfectly It is chipboard, but the details that are visible once assembled, are very careful, and it gives the feeling of being a better quality product and higher price than it has.Very simple assembly, until in the end you are left with the issue of the door hinges, which without being a martyrdom, already require a little more work and as usual, and once placed, you simply have to adjust as in any hinge.For a man who wears a 44, 12 pairs fit without much problem, and the bar system, in my case fun works perfectly." It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5.


Alternative: Shoe Rack with Vasagle Bench

It is one of the most interesting purchase proposals on the market. It is installed in just 10 minutes and will add style and decoration to the entrance of your house or in the room where you put it. It has a rustic style with a black metal frame. Thanks to the length of one meter, the two shelves are spacious enough to organize 8-10 pairs of shoes. You can also leave your work bag and other accessories on the top shelf. This robust shoe rack guarantees you order thanks to its metal frame and chipboard. It supports up to 90 kilos and allows you to sit while you put on your shoes.

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Georgina has bought it and comments that "it fits well 10 pairs of shoes. It is beautiful, of good material and rustic finish. It is robust and it looks like it will be a durable piece of furniture. I am very satisfied. It arrived in perfect condition and it is very easy to riding". Mad, on the other hand, points out that "it is very easy to assemble, I put it together in approximately 40 or 50 minutes. It fits about 10 pairs of shoes, 5 for each shelf. In terms of appearance, it is just what I was looking for. Very elegant and well finished". It has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.


Shoe rack with Albatros cushion

This model is one of the most practical models on the market. It has 14 compartments and is very compact in size. It is wider than the usual models and has a variable click system, that is, you decide the height of the compartments at your convenience. The boards don't just sit on the metal studs, they click properly. This allows it not to fall or move. It has an upholstered cushion, which is easy to clean, has a thin board incorporated that allows it to be dimensionally stable and provides a high level of comfort.

Osk has bought this model and assures that "it came very well packaged. It arrived within the indicated period, it is easy to assemble and it looks of good quality. It has many compartments. I made a couple of improvements: in the central part only I had the option of putting the shelves in 3 positions and I gave it the option of being able to put another 3 more positions, the seat surprised me because it is very nice, it is made of imitation leather, but it comes loose, I attached it with 6 screws at the bottom so it wouldn't move. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.


Interior cabinet with seat RICOO

This shoe rack stool is used to store shoes and sit. It has a depth of 30 centimeters and has two open levels for 6 pairs of shoes. The shoe storage compartment is under padding and you will have saving space and order wherever you put it. It has a modern design and a comfortable pad. Buying this shoe rack you can give style to the decoration of your home, whether it is the dressing room, living room, bedroom, kitchen or children's room.

Amapola, an Amazon customer, is enjoying it at home and acknowledges that she is "pretty happy with this shoe bench, I only have two drawbacks: that the white leather part looks too artificial, but it doesn't look bad either, and especially the second , that the shoe shelves are close together and low shoes fit but not ankle boots, they could have given it a little more height. That's why I don't give it five stars, but I'm still very happy." It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.


Bamboo shoe rack with shelf SoBuy

This model also acts as a comfortable seat to take off your shoes at the entrance. It is a practical shoe cabinet for up to 4 pairs of shoes. The backless seat has a capacity of up to 120 kilos thanks to its dimensions of 91 x 34 x 45 centimeters.

Javi has it and says that "the best thing is the simplicity of the bench and that, despite its lightness (the structure is made of bamboo), it feels solid. It comes unassembled. The legs and structure are very easy to install. Instead , the union of the structure to the seat, although it is done with 10 screws, is not marked where it should be done and you have to measure well where to place the structure so that it is centered and balanced.If you do not do it, as the screws you can place them in any place because you can make the hole on the underside of the seat at any point (it's a piece of wood), it would be off-center". It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5.


Wooden shoe rack with racks Wonderhome

This model has a perfect design because it is made up of a 2-tier shoe rack and a shoe bench. It is ideal for narrow corridors. Its width is only 30 centimeters. In addition, it has a large capacity and can store 5-7 pairs of shoes. It is easily installed and its dimensions are 30 x 80 x 52 centimeters.

David has it at home and comments that "the color is very nice and it fits very well. It takes a while to assemble it, but with the right tool it assembles well. The instructions could have been a little better explained." It has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.


HOMCOM entrance shoe rack with drawer

This shoe rack is an interesting proposal because it is very easy to assemble following only 4 steps. It comes with all the complete hardware and is assembled in just 10 minutes. It includes a hidden drawer in the seat part that you can open and store towels and other things. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5.


How to choose a shoe cabinet?

Choosing a shoe rack is not an easy task as there are many types and models. Even so, there are some aspects that must be taken into account before making your purchase:

Where do the shoe benches go?

The shoe bench can go anywhere in the house, although there are some more recommended spaces for its installation:

types of shoe racks

There are many types and varieties:

What materials are they made of?

A shoe cabinet can be made of different types of materials:

What is the best material for a shoe rack?

Everything will depend on the taste of each person, but depending on the chosen material, the shoe rack can be more or less durable and provide a different style.

The best designs in shoe benches

There are shoe rack designs for all styles. As in everything related to decoration, we will be conditioned by our tastes and also by the decoration of our home.

How to clean a wooden shoe bench?

The cleaning of a shoe cabinet will depend on the material with which it is made. If it is finished in wood, it is best to use specialized products for the treatment and cleaning of wood.

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If the shoe rack is finished in plastic, you can use soap and water or ammonia. For the rest of the materials, it is best to use a damp cloth. Even so, what we always recommend before cleaning it is that you pass the vacuum to remove the dust and, later, clean it by hand.

How to organize shoes?

Each person has their own way of organizing, but as with cabinets, we can follow several guidelines when organizing and ordering our shoes in a shoe rack.

Each person has their own formula for placing shoes

We can organize putting the shoes by:

Tips to keep the house tidy

To have a tidy house, you not only have to be organized, you also have to have the tools to be organized, and furniture with a large storage capacity, such as shoe racks, coat racks, wardrobes or brooms help to achieve this. Thanks to furniture like these you can have your house in order and nothing will bother you. In addition, you will know at all times where to find everything.

What are the best options on the market?

You will be able to find the best options on the market in specialized furniture and decoration stores, bazaars and department stores, as well as in surfaces related to the world of DIY.

Some of the best brands of shoe racks are Habitdesing, Homfa, Vasagle or Ricoo, among others. The brand is important, but so are the measurements, the manufacturing material, finish, style and design, and also the ease of installation, something to keep in mind since many of these pieces of furniture are self-installing.

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With all these guidelines, you already know everything you need to know so as not to make a mistake with your choice and to be successful with your purchase. If there is a practical piece of furniture to have at home, that is a shoe cabinet.