Sneakers should not be worn like this (now or ever) if you are short

Sneakers should not be worn like this (now or ever) if you are short

Sneakers should not be worn like this (now or ever) if you are short

Short women will have a more flattering silhouette if they choose to let go of these bad habits when wearing their sneakers.

By Patrick Padilla

At this point it is clear that any season is a tennis season, so although autumn brings with it new trends and erases some others from the map, these urban-cut shoes will continue to be a must in our wardrobes, with which we can continue practicing social distancing from our homes in style.

Now, the fact that sneakers are one of our most adored accessories does not mean that they do not have certain parameters that it is better to respect so as not to fall back into a faux pas. This is particularly important for women of short stature, who although they can use these shoes to gain height on certain occasions, must be very conscious of avoiding common mistakes when wearing shoes so that they do not have the opposite effect.

This is how sneakers should NOT be worn if you are short

Hiding them with low hems

One of the fashion don'ts when wearing sneakers that short women should avoid at all costs is to combine them with pants with hems that are too low, since these will not only contribute to reducing their height, but also compromise the dynamic line of their shoes. .

Always try to show a little skin when wearing your tennis shoes, and lean towards capri pants. In case you want to wear high-top sneakers, then our recommendation would be to wear a pair of shorts, or else a mid-cut skirt.

Moving away from bright colors

We recognize it, black and white sneakers can never be left out of our collections, but that does not mean that those models with striking color palettes do not deserve to be part of our looks. These designs turn heads for all the right reasons, and for shorter women, they'll be the perfect addition to add a touch of contrast to the bottom of your outfit, creating a much more streamlined composition.

Although it is true that these shoes can be more risky than the classic sneakers in neutral tones, to avoid mistakes when combining your colored sneakers, you only need to pay attention to the rest of your clothes and make sure you have created a harmonic ensemble.

Abusing high socks

On previous occasions we talked about our fascination with the use of different pieces of footwear with high socks, and although tennis can be greatly favored by following this trend, opting for this look is not always the best option for women of short statures, since it could easily subtract a few centimeters from their height.

On the contrary, the best option to wear your sneakers is wearing them with invisible socks that appear to wear the foot without any accessory under the shoe. This will be particularly beneficial if you decide to wear a model with a voluminous silhouette.

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Ignoring the low models

It's no secret that chunky sneakers are a great alternative to gaining height, so these should never be too far from your wardrobe if you're short. However, it would be a mistake to think that the most minimalist shoes with low cuts should be banned from your ensembles.

The trick so that these work in your favor and not against you is to opt for models that expose your ankles, and accompany them with garments that reveal part of your legs to give the illusion of lengthening them.