FASHION: 5 shoes that will steal all eyes in 2022

FASHION: 5 shoes that will steal all eyes in 2022

2022 is just beginning and with it a new opportunity to update your wardrobe. On this occasion, we will focus on the shoes that will set trends this year. Innovative bets, old acquaintances and more, will make your closet your favorite place.

Some of the designs that we present below gave you something to talk about in 2021 and will do so again this time. When putting together your outfit you will want to have some of 5 shoes that will steal all eyes in this 2022.

sports sandals

It is not a new design, because in 2020 and 2021 they caused a furor. Despite this, this 2022 will once again demonstrate why they have positioned themselves as the favorites within the field of fashion. Thanks to this design, your feet will feel comfortable and you will never want to take them off. Combine them with jeans and shorts.


If you are one of the people who love platform shoes, you should know that they will dominate the current era. We include tennis shoes and platform heels, footwear that you can wear with any garment: jeans, shorts, dresses, miniskirts and long shirts.


We mentioned them in our recommendations last year and this year they will continue to gain strength. Accompany them with dresses, skirts, shorts and jeans.

mary jane

The name refers to low-heeled shoes in which the main characteristic is that they are closed at the front and have a strap that is fastened through the instep. They can be worn with socks or loose.


Fan of the classic? You can opt for the traditional black color, those with a platform (to kill two birds with one stone) or buy ones with a slightly more discreet sole. Use them with any pants or also with a sexy miniskirt.

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