The 10 shoes that will be a trend during the year 2022

The 10 shoes that will be a trend during the year 2022

The 10 shoes that will be a trend during the year 2022

Every fashion lover has a devotion to shoes. As in the universe of handbags -especially luxury ones-, shoe collectors add more and more names to their list of followers and fashion houses, aware of this boom, insist that our cabinets add typologies that alternate from timeless pieces that are always easy to resort to, as well as much more special ones that are gaining ground in recent seasons.

2020 has been a great change for fashion in which comfort has gained a presence, but 2021 has reinvented its teaching by combining functionality with groundbreaking design. Now this year, 2022, promises to continue in the wake of the beginning of this new decade, offering us alternatives that invite us to innovate, but also to recover retro lessons from past times.

Coco Chanel said that the head and criteria, like shoes, should always be kept high. Although the sentence of the famous designer still keeps part of certainties in the world of current trends, it is true that this time the flat shoe also returns to live in perfect harmony with heights. And no: height is not always synonymous with a heel, but rather with a platform.

Trendy footwear, more extravagant than ever

Los 10 zapatos que serán tendencia durante el año 2022

The 'ugly shoes' -favorites of the famous-, the 'chunky' phenomenon, shoes with pointed ends, straps with buckles to fasten our shoes... The "anything goes" is making sense and now fashion is committed to bringing to our wardrobe as many pieces as there are personalities.

A common denominator prevails: almost any microtrend is capable of appearing in different silhouettes. Strappy sandals come in their gladiator model, but also with feathers or even fur. Cowboy boots (which have been a trend for five years) can be two-tone or go for just one winning shade. The 'hike boots' are reinvented and are also filled with fluorine and neon... Everything seems possible as long as you know how to combine it.

Taking as a reference the lessons that designers have taught us about the catwalks and the videos of the campaigns that anticipated the fashion of 2022 and the staging that fashion consultants have done in the 'street-style', we select below ten of the trends that will dominate the coming months (and that cannot be missing in your wardrobe).