The 2000 shoes have already announced their triumphal entry for this 2022

The 2000 shoes have already announced their triumphal entry for this 2022

Fashionable, irreverent and with pronounced height.So are the 2000 shoes that announce to seize the most famous 2022 trends.

By Melisa Vargas

Everything comes back, yes, but it transforms, as the 2000 shoes did, those models that we yearn to use again.It is not a secret that not all past time was better, but given the doubt that the designs we had of teenagers may arise again in the asphalt, we want to tell you that, creative directors have been responsible for raising them to a higher level.

Several months ago the first revelations of the 2000 fashion return.It was witnessed with the use of jeans to the hip, garments on garments and blouses like dresses.Then, the final verdict arrived, the fashion weeks indicated that 2022 makes its triumphal entry into plastic shoes.Prepared to know the designs that you will not stop seeing everywhere?

What are the 2000 shoes that are fashionable again in 2022?

Sandalias de plataforma recta

The shoes that will be in a trend in 2022 will be balanced, confirmed by experts in the field.The arrival of the platform is closer than ever, we will see its various reinterpretations, like the flat that unleashed Coperni in its spring-summer collection 2022.Sandals with summer aesthetics perch on a very pronounced height.They will get perfectly with cargo pants or those comfortable, they will also wrap Maxi style dresses.

Mary Jane

Carrie Bradshaw not only returned to enchant us with garments on Tul.Chanel was one of the firms that this classic transformed into a contemporary finish, the tip became more triangular and the heel transited asymmetric.

Los zapatos de los 2000 ya anunciaron su entrada triunfal para este 2022

The Mom Jeans will become the most suitable ally to get a chic and simple outfit.However, the mini skirts - as was also witnessed in Moschino - will boast grace when joining the footwear in Mira.

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By Melisa Vargas

Sandalias jelly

Versace in his spring-summer collection 2022 was in charge of fence nostalgia, as he evoked the power of the Jelly sandals, do you remember them?Those that had a result that resembles a crab, and evoked the smell of chew.Now, a new interpretation has taken over them.We will see them in an improved version, with a high heel and decorative studs, very y2k, very glam rock.

De punta extratriangular

The fine tip has not fired the fashion stage, thanks to its stylistic strength it has transcended in time.However, during the first years of the century boots and ankle boots were witnessed with a more triangular and elongated culmination than what is currently known.Diesel, in its 2022 Pre-Fall collection originated an outfit (impossible not to think of Bella Hadid) that will capture all the attention, midi skirt on peaks, basic shirt with vintage stamp and some boots in supremely triangular silk.

Botas ‘bobber’

Broad extra platform, leather fabric and avant -garde colors embrace the sphere of the boots ‘Bobber’.They took total prominence thanks to the Spice Girls, and years later, Off-White surprises with a blank creation.To show them in elegant mode, it will only be enough to link them to midi dresses or pleated skirts.

Zapatos de gladiador

Dior, Valentino and Paco Rabanne surprised with gladiator shoes.A current gesture nods to take them as sandals, and another in the form of flat and (why not?) Cover them with brilliant, double approval of style.The gladiator shoes will orchestrate sophisticated clothing that can be taught in the office with tailoring, and for the rest days, minides will look very good.