The 5 characteristics that a sweatshirt must have to be perfect

The 5 characteristics that a sweatshirt must have to be perfect

This does not apply to an oversized garment, where the idea is to make it look extra large, but for a classic sweatshirt, the point where the shoulder seams are is what makes everything look better on you. If the seams are higher, then it will look small (besides this can cause the seam to hurt you in the armpits), and if they are lower, it will look too big and you don't know your size .

The sleeves:

The cuffs should reach the wrists, with a snug fit all around and the sleeves a bit looser.

There are also short-sleeved sweatshirts, but those never look as good as the traditional ones. The sleeve length should be similar to that of a sweater or shirt, so they should cover your watch (if you wear one), while width-wise, this is a comfortable, sport-inspired garment, so don't they must be too paid to arms.

The length:

The waist of the sweatshirt should be a little below the hips, it can be shorter, but longer it can look disproportionate.

The length of shirts, sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts is very important, it is what will help you look well-proportioned and elongated, so you should avoid garments that are too long or too short, which give the impression of that someone else lent you the clothes, and that they can create the illusion that your torso is very small or your legs are short.

The width:

The waistband (or bottom rib) should be a snug fit around the hips, but a bit looser across the chest and torso.

If the waistband is too tight, you have two options, you can go up a size or you can stretch your sweatshirt, as it is a more elastic garment that stretches naturally with use, but if that part does not fit you, it is likely to be a very small size and the best option is to go up one.

Lastly, there is an extra rule for the perfect sweatshirt and that is the material. Preferably, you should go classic, which means that you should choose a cotton garment that is a little thicker, so that the sweatshirt maintains a good shape and does not look too messy.