Animal print leopard, so take the trend autumn print

Animal print leopard, so take the trend autumn print

Animal print leopard, so take the trend autumn print

Los próximos meses, al menos, el león no será el rey en esta jungla de concreto. Pero sí un clásico estampado, el de leopardo, que será el gran soberano.

Por Melina AbacheAnimal print de leopardo, así se lleva el estampado otoñal en tendencia Animal print de leopardo, así se lleva el estampado otoñal en tendencia

It may be a paradox, but the animal print has become a virtually neutral print. In a basic that, according to this autumn / winter season 2021, we will carry continuously and, therefore, it is an investment in costumes that we cannot omit.

And as is often the case with the different cycles of fashion and trends, the animal bet print has gone through its ups and downs, even coming to be considered in bad taste. But certainly that is no longer the general opinion, and the test is found in the protagonism of this print in the coming collections that will define the coldest season of the year. From Celine to Max Mara, and from Michael Kors to Lanvin, the animal print emerged in many ways on the catwalks of autumn 2021, consolidating it as a pattern trend worth not losing sight of (if that were possible).

Even so, knowing how to combine animal print correctly can become an overwhelming task if this is your first time betting on this particular style. However, that will be until now, because then we will show you all possible ways to carry and combine the most elemental print animal, and which we find more easily in all shops: the leopard print.

Animal print, leopard version, in the autumn-winter collections 2021

This season, the bet on the animal print has been big, so much so we've seen it in dresses and jeans up to tops and skirts, but especially in outer coats. There's a leopard look for everyone. Both Celine style with a leopard print overlay consisting of small worn stains; in Etro pants and long leopard coats, combined with khaki green and camels. In Lanvin, the animal print was carried to the maximum, in a complete set of clothing and shoes of the same print, as was also the case in Michael Kors, with a coat and dress ensemble. In comparison, Max Mara adopted a more subtle approach, including a thick sweater and leopard print skirt.

How to carry the leopard print animal

Animal print de leopardo, así se lleva el estampado otoñal en tendencia

Milking in front of the leopard print is not possible, let alone during this autumn / winter season that will be the style to wear. So if you feel like showing off this print is complicated, we'll show you the opposite, which is a totally accessible aesthetic. To look more casual, elegant or even eccentric, combining it with other minimalist obassic prints, according to your style.


Kendall Jenner achieves a look with two trending garments: animal print lencer dress and black platforms. Combined with a blazer or above all the same pattern of dress to give it that most maximalist touch. If you prefer that only the dress is the focal point, bet on midi models or short long sleeves, with a marked waist, or on wearing a black jacket and boots or fighting boots of the same color.


As we see here, combining animal print with black is the safe and most classic bet, but there are other colors, such as mustard or camels, that also match perfectly with this print. Include him in coordinated suits, or wear that leopard blouse that you like so much in a jeans or tailor pants.


No other garment has the power to give your looks that fashion seal like a leopard coat, as shown by the most elegant Jane Fonda. Wear yours on simpler or minimalist outfits, to give you that extra touch. A total unicolor look, like this black Hollywood actress with a long leopard coat will be the gold pin. If a garment like this is too much for you, try wearing an animal print jacket instead, you'll still look on a trend without wearing a coat that dominates the rest of your outfit.


Pants or leggings, leggings or pants, no matter what the garment in question, the important thing is that you get your favorite with leopard print to wear this fall. Whether with a safer bet with black top and blazer of the same color or gray, or with a graphic shirt, for example. It's all about creating combinations that balance between the striking print and more minimalist garments.


Kate Middleton shows the most classic and autumn styling to wear your animal print skirt: black top and tall boots of the same color. A sure way to ensure that the print is the center of attention. The same will happen with other unique garments, between creams, brown, roasted, oranges or green, in short, warm colors will be your best allies. A leopard print skirt will always be a good long-term investment.