"Don't be like that, we're working": They rob a business in full live broadcast

"Don't be like that, we're working": They rob a business in full live broadcast

"Don't be like that, we're working": They rob a business in full live broadcast

The woman was making a live broadcast from her store, when two armed men entered to rob them.

A video is circulating on social networks that has caused outrage among users. Well, while a woman from her clothing store was doing a live showing what she was selling, two men with guns in their hands entered her business and stole everything from her.

The events occurred in Ecuador, according to local media, on the night of January 22. In the video you can see how a woman from inside her own clothing store, which can be seen directly on the street, shows through a Facebook live the products she has to encourage people to buy.

What do we know about the assault?

At the moment in which the woman shows some denim shorts, she sees how two subjects enter with firearms and begin to strip the saleswoman and her assistant of her belongings. The men entered with masks and caps, making it difficult to recognize their faces.

The criminals never realized that while they were committing the crime, they were being watched on a live Facebook feed.

In a part of the clip, the criminals can be heard asking the woman and her helper to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, the woman tries to make them see reason and tries to talk to them so that they change their decision, because she tells them that she is only working honestly and that she only has a little that they opened.

'Keep calm, we're from here, no, don't take the phone, guys, don't be like that, guys, you're also from the neighborhood, we're just selling, guys, don't be like that,' the woman told the thieves trying persuade them not to commit the crime, but the men still strip them of their belongings.

Even in one part the woman tells them that her neighbor has already looked out the window and she is realizing everything, that they better leave the place.

At the end of the robbery, the criminals threaten the women and demand that they not talk about anything that happened, otherwise they will be forced to return to the place. Before leaving the place, the woman asks them not to take her cell phone, because there is the only photo she has of her mother.

'Give me the photo of my mom that goes on the phone, don't be like that,' she exclaims, while one of the thieves says, 'here she stayed.'

During the assault, the cell phone, which the criminals did not discover, continued to record the entire scene, so the woman asked her followers, who witnessed everything that happened, to call the police and help them.

At the moment the identity of the men is unknown and if the woman filed a complaint of the robbery.


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Cover photo: Instagram Frida Sofía.