News: The San Fernando ASENF has been created • San Juan de Dios Hospital - San Fernando

News: The San Fernando ASENF has been created • San Juan de Dios Hospital - San Fernando

For four days, the process of forming the new San Fernando Base ASENF, a union entity dependent on the National Federation of Nurses' Associations of Chile (FENASENF), an organization that has been set up to advocate for union rights and the development of nurses in public system hospitals.

The creation of the San Fernando base was carried out in the presence of a minister of faith from the Labor Inspection, along with union leaders at the regional level.

66 nurses from the San Fernando Hospital participated in the process, who determined the formation of the guild and the first directive:

Mission and Vision of ASENF

Mission: “We are the union organization that seeks to represent nurses from the public health sector of Chile before the authorities, institutions and society, motivated to promote respect and security of our professional and labor rights, based on the values ​​and principles ethics of our being, knowing and doing”.

Vision: “The union organization with national and international recognition, reference and official representative of all Nurses from all areas of the public sector, where they perform their professional role. Represent at the level of the central and political organization of the country, ensuring the recognition and validation of unique skills in the exercise of our profession, for optimal development in all areas, participating in the necessary legal improvements that allow us to achieve optimal professional development , giving citizens the security and opportunity to receive the benefits of excellent clinical, teaching and care services”.

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