Presidency of the Nation official campaigns met with provincial authorities and social organizations in Santa Fe

Presidency of the Nation official campaigns met with provincial authorities and social organizations in Santa Fe

Presidency of the Nation official campaigns met with provincial authorities and social organizations in Santa Fe

The activities, which were carried out between this Wednesday and Thursday, took place in the cities of Rosario and Villa Constitución.There, national officials were accompanied by the Minister of Equality, Gender and Diversity of Santa Fe, María Florencia Marinaro;the Undersecretary of Equality and Diversity Policies and Policies against Violence for Gender Reasons of Santa Fe, Nerea Tacari;and the director of the Gender and Equality Council of Villa Constitución, Pilar Sánchez.

"The concrete, close and listening work with social organizations and with local political referents allows public policies to nurture," said Escalante.And he stressed: “This first visit to Rosario has a key importance for being one of the urban centers of the country and, also, because this city has historically had a movement of women and very strong, advanced, with a lot of construction in democracy in democracyArgentina".

During the first day, the officials knew in Rosario the experiences and toured the facilities where the projects without labels and textile ties, women and dissidents of the civil association together together.Both have the technical and economic support of the Produce program, which is part of the National Plan for Violence for Gender Reasons (2020-2022), oriented to productive projects of community organizations, or not have legal status, in thewomen and LGBTI+ participate in situations of gender violence.

In the case of the initiative without labels, the produce program allowed to use five women and LGBTI+ in the creation of a textile project of garment clothing that seeks to get out of hegemonic fashion canons.In textile ties the three members said that producing gave them the impulse to be able to move forward with the entrepreneurship that consists of the elaboration of baby clothes, textile elements for menstrual management and chins.To strengthen their work, they plan to add seven more people, which will allow them to continue in the preparation of school uniforms and work on a larger scale.

Presidencia de la Nación Campañas Nacionales Funcionarias se reunieron con autoridades provinciales y organizaciones sociales en Santa Fe

In that line, Linares pointed out that these days "allowed us to work on the implementation of the public policy that the MMGyD carries out and have a federal look so that the approaches are effectively located, adapt and can be strengthened from the experiences thatThere are in each of these territories. "In addition, he said they knew the main difficulties they face, as well as shared opinions on this year's challenges, “in which they will work with the province and the municipality to carry out the necessary debates for the construction of the next National Plan for Action againstviolence, as well as the modification of Law 26,485 in a participatory process with organizations. "

Then, before representatives of about forty organizations, the local team approached the local levels and the Resource Guide for Social and Community Organizations edited by the Mingeneros label. The activity was carried out at the headquarters of the COAD - Guild Association of Teachers and Researchers of the National University of Rosario, where different policies promoted by the MMGyD were shared and a round of interventions were carried out that put in common different problems crossed by the gender inequalities and violence. The Rights (PAD) program is a policy to strengthen access to rights and women's justice system and LGBTI+ in violence, through comprehensive and intercultural accompaniment throughout the country. It consists of teams composed of law, psychology and social work professionals that are throughout the national territory. It is a comprehensive program because it implies working in a coordinated manner at the different levels of the State and with social and community organizations, recognizing the particularities and dynamics that gender violence acquires in the different territories.

On Thursday the ministerial delegation moved to Villa Constitución, where it was received by Mayor Jorge Berti, to learn about the experience of the dry pasta roots, which has support of the Produce program.From the same, the seven members of the initiative managed to buy more tools to strengthen the line for the production of dry pastes.From there, they market organic and non -organic foods.

Finally, in articulation with local political representatives and territorial organizations, the guide for approach to problematic consumption of substances with a gender perspective was presented.This tool is a product of the joint work between the MMGYD and the Secretariat of Comprehensive Drug Policies of the Nation (Sedronar) aimed at technical and professionals that address violence for gender reasons and intervene in the prevention, attention and accompaniment of consumptionsubstance problems.Among other points, it has tools for the prevention, attention and accompaniment of women and LGBTI+ in situations of problematic consumption of substances and situations of violence for gender reasons;Strengthen network work and provide specific tools to both institutional areas and territorial devices.

In the various activities there was the presence of Ayelén González, coordinator of the PAD in the province;Fabio Gentili, responsible for the Community Integrative Centers in the province of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation;Alejandrina Borgatta, councilor of Villa Constitución;Julia Eva Irigoitia, councilor of Rosario;the National Senator for Santa Fe (Mandate fulfilled), María de los Ángeles Sacnun;In addition to local authorities and members of the technical teams of the various agencies.