The Cooper and other resistance tests to know if you are fit

The Cooper and other resistance tests to know if you are fit

Medimos las horas de sueño, los pasos diarios, las calorías ingeridas respecto a las diarias recomendadas... Hoy en día podemos conocer nuestro peso ideal, crearnos un plan de entrenamiento personalizado y comprobar nuestras mejoras con el paso del tiempo. No se trata de obsesiones, sino de hacer una rutina de ejercicio con sentido, enfocada a unos objetivos y hacer que realmente se cumplan. Si consigues tus retos, es probable que la motivación no decaiga, pero es importante también que sean realistas y que se adapten a tu nivel de fitness. Para ello estaría fenomenal que comiences sabiendo cuál es.El test de Cooper y otras pruebas de resistencia para saber si estás en forma El test de Cooper y otras pruebas de resistencia para saber si estás en forma

Cooper test

"The Cooper test is a resistance test that is based on traveling as much distance possible in 12 minutes at a constant speed.It serves to evaluate your physical resistance in relation to other people of your same age and sex.To do so you must timet and measure the distance that you are able to run during those exact 12 minutes, maintaining a constant rhythm, "explains italo martello, technician for physical and sports activities in the Dreamfit Sales centers and the municipal sports center Francisco Fernández Ochoa.

The test was designed by Kenneth H.Cooper in Oklahoma, in 1968, for the United States Army.The effectiveness was such that its use reaches this day.Local police, national, firefighters and other security forces use Cooper's tests for their access exams.And it is also done in institutes and schools in Physical Education.Cooper devised some time tables with scales.Martello gives an example: "If a boy from 13 to 14 years travels 2100 meters.Its VO2max (maximum oxygen or aerobic capacity) estimated is 35.66 ml / kg / min.These results are below the average for your age ".Normally, the majority of the population in their first resistance tests does not reach good or excellent conditions, but for that is the daily work.

Burpees test

Now it is about measuring anaerobic resistance.The Burpee test of cardiovascular resistance involves the total use of the body in four movements:

  1. En cuclillas con las manos sobre el suelo.
  2. Se extienden ambas piernas atrás.
  3. A su vez se hace una flexión de codo.
  4. Se vuelve a la posición número 1.

"It consists of calculating the number of repetitions of the exercise called Burpee that are carried out in a certain time or until your forces fail.Thus you can measure your lactic anaerobic resistance, that is, how long it takes to reach your fatigue threshold, by oxygen deficit and lactate accumulation, "says Martello.This coach specifies that it can be done at a quick step without stopInvolve this exercise ".

Force test

There are various types of tests to measure strength: maximum, explosive and resistance."It is necessary to explain previously that muscle strength is the capacity of the muscle to apply tension against resistance, muscle power is the realization of force with an associated requirement of minimum time, muscle resistance is the ability to continue an effort without limit ofTime and muscle capacity is the sum of strength, power and muscle resistance, "slots martello.Next, the coach puts us examples.

El test de Cooper y otras pruebas de resistencia para saber si estás en forma

*Bank Maximum Press Test: "The Bank Press calculator determines muscle strength and resistance taking as a measure the amount of repetitions of the bank's exercise that you can perform in following a constant rhythm.The operation of the test is very simple ".To do it you will need:

The steps to complete the test are:

*Weight launch test: (Medicinal ball): "The test consists of throwing a ball forward with all possible force.The launch will be made by keeping the feet symmetrically placed, without being able to jump or exceed the marked line.The medicinal ball will have a weight of 4 kilograms for boys and 3 kilograms for girls, and must be thrown with both hands behind the head.The distance (in centimeters) between the launch line and the point where the ball impacts the ground will be measured, "says Martello.

It'll need:

Once clear the different possibilities you have to measure your fitness level, here you can get the necessary material to carry out the tests and put yourself in shape.


It is the best selling on the platform and is available in the range of 3 to 10 kilos.Being an external weight, its use helps us increase muscle strength and tone as it is an ally to correct our body's posture when we crouch.Medicinal ball work requires exercises in which greater bodily flexibility will be encouraged through the stretching of our joints.

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Hexagonal dumbbells

This type of dumbbells is widely used in Crossfit training, in commercial gyms and also in home gyms.The best of hexagonal dumbbells is their rubber material, which protects the ground, and its shape that allows them not to move during training.The grip is comfortable, having rough anti -slip finishes not slippery.In addition, they occupy little space and are very aesthetic.In Amazon they are available from 8 to 20 kilograms.

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Bank for Press

The outstanding use of these devices is the exercise of Press Banking.Hence the name Bank for Press, is the best training you can do to gain volume and muscle quality in pectoral.Its greatest benefit, comfort when executing the exercise, to be able to reach limits that you cannot free.In addition the variations in training that you can develop.And as this model is multifunction, it will save you space or have to get many devices.

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Homemade gym

Time savings and privacy are the main benefits of having a gym at home, and this type of models "all in one" also allow you to do it in little space and without a high cost.The exercise does not have to last half an hour or an hour.Sometimes you have only 10 or 15 minutes.It can be early in the morning or while you do dinner and take care of children or even interact with them.At a click on Amazon, this multifunction push up allows to improve force with multiple positions.

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Gymnastics mat

Eye when you make the burpees and don't leave your knees on the ground.To improve your fitness condition one of the most indispensable accessories is a mat.Reebok's is the best sold on Amazon, and is available in different tones and different thicknesses.You can use it for a large number of exercises and stretching.

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Multifunctional gym

It is true that machines specialized in exercising a set of muscles allow to concentrate training at a point and make it more effective.But, in general, the demand of the majority of users who go to the gym does not demand that level of precision and with a multifunction gym like this get a comfortable, easy to install device, which occupies little space, offers a lot of possibilities andThey can use a large number of profiles by reducing injuries.

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Activity bracelet

If you dare with the Cooper test you will have to start measuring the times of your career, which in turn will improve if you pay attention to your lifestyle: from the measurement of the hours you sleep to carry a more active pacewith the 10.000 steps recommended by WHO per day or correct food.The Fitbit Sense is a good investment in this regard, because this bracelet and smart watch allows you to obtain all your metrics and improve performance, even put the focus on stress and perform mindfulness.

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Multi -station

It is the best sold in Amazon for its value for money.This multifunctional tower allows you to perform all kinds of exercises to improve force in the domestic sphere.From bar for dominated to a series of resistant and non -slip transverse bars to work arms and leg, 6 -level height adjustment and steel structure capable of supporting up to 100 kilos.It is an excellent option for both beginners and professionals, since this multifunctional gym team at home is easy to use and versatile for pull-ups, leg lifting, abdominal movements, flexions and other uses.

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