The hoax of the "Integrate, white woman" posters: they were actually distributed by a youtuber who talks about "de-Islamizing Germany"

The hoax of the "Integrate, white woman" posters: they were actually distributed by a youtuber who talks about "de-Islamizing Germany"

The hoax of the "Integrate, white woman" posters: they were actually distributed by a youtuber who talks about "de-Islamizing Germany"

In recent days, a poster has been viralized on social networks and Telegram channels in which a man is seen wearing a hat with the symbol of Islam, the crescent crescent with a star, and a woman covered with an Islamic veil. . Among them is a blonde woman with long hair and the message “Integrate, white woman! ... Because it's not just your country anymore and it never will be again. Dress in a respectful way for other cultures and take into account the religious sentiment of discriminated minorities. Everyday racism starts with clothes.” El bulo de los carteles de El bulo de los carteles de

The poster is shared with statements such as "Islamic radicalism feeling at ease in Europe" or "Integrate yourself as a white woman, not them in a country that is not yours", but the reality is that they are brochures distributed by a youtuber who calls himself Shlomo Finkelstein and who talks in his videos about “de-Islamizing Germany”.

This is the poster you asked us about through our WhatsApp chatbot (+34 644 229 319):

Distributed by a youtuber who talks about "de-Islamizing Germany" and not by foreigners

Through a reverse image search and a Google search with the German phrase “integrate, white woman” we found different photographs of the same poster stuck in various places. The brochure has been shared at least since last February and was distributed from the "Shlomo Finkelstein" website, managed by a YouTuber who goes by the same name.

In the "community" section of this website we find various networks and channels linked under different names and pseudonyms. If we visit the Telegram channel that publishes on the portal, we find a message from February 11 announcing a "new poster campaign" that "is on the way" and includes a video, published both on the website itself and on the Bitchute platform. (under the nick "The vulgar analysis"), in which he advertises them.

El bulo de los carteles de

Among the posters, we see the viral that is now spreading and on both platforms it adds the download links for them.

As stated by the German Correctiv verifiers, members, like, of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), the author asks his followers in the video to distribute the poster and his intention is to use it "to create a mood against Muslims.” According to some websites that shared the posters and requested their dissemination, they show "where leftist politics is taking us."

In reference to the viral poster, the author points out, explains Correctiv in his article, that for him "it was important to portray a white woman as a clear aggressor and Muslim immigrants as clear sympathizers" and to be "at the same time subtle enough so that everything becomes realistic.” “I wanted the feeling to be created that the protection of minorities that has been brought in such a harmless way could even upset them,” says the youtuber according to the German media.

After the publication of the Correctiv article, the youtuber stated on his Telegram channel that he "thought that the action could cause a wave, but I did not expect it to happen so quickly" adding the IFCN member's tweet.

As we have mentioned before, in other videos published on the Shlomo Finkelstein website, this YouTuber talks about “de-Islamizing Germany” by linking to organizations that call for “a Europe without political Islam”. Similarly, several German digital sites affirm that the youtuber Shlomo Finkelstein, who is behind the Bitchute channel "Vulgar Analysis", "is known by his followers for his hatred of Islam" and that, among other actions, "he burned the Koran in one of his videos. Also on YouTube we find some videos in which this person is interviewed, always covered with a veil to maintain his anonymity, and in which it is stated that "Shlomo Finkelstein makes harsh analyzes of Islam and refugees."

In fact, it is not the first time that these types of campaigns have been organized. In we already warned you about some stickers that read: “We arrived by boat but you will get out of here swimming”. The images were shared stating that they had been distributed by foreigners, but it was an action of the National Democracy party carried out between 2006 and 2007 in which they asked their supporters to collaborate "with the costs of publishing" the stickers.

In short, it is a hoax that the posters with the message “integrate, white woman” have been distributed by foreigners or Muslims: they were shared by a youtuber who talks about “de-Islamizing Germany”.

First date of publication of this article: 07/28/2021