The Valentina phenomenon: the Spanish company that wears women of all sizes at the price 'low cost'

The Valentina phenomenon: the Spanish company that wears women of all sizes at the price 'low cost'

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Based at Elche, the firm plans to close this exercise with a turnover close to 12 million euros only in Spain

His philosophy ‘Body Positive’ and the use of real women of all physical complexions for their campaigns increasingly conquer to more clients: the company already manages more than 1.200 orders a day in your ‘Online’ store

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There is a phenomenon that is charging more and more strength in the fashion world and that carries diversity, inclusion and flag accessibility.With real women, with bodies with curves, with carvings of all sizes: from 34 to 48/50.And with affordable prices: their low cost garments, inspired by the latest market trends, have an average cost of between € 20 and € 30.

El fenómeno VALENTiNA: la empresa española que viste a mujeres de todas las tallas a precio 'low cost'

The phenomenonValentina - like the name of the firm behind and Locoebra - is a David who beat the Goliath of the Serial Bodies, the minimum sizes and the canons of stereotyped beauty.Which celebrates the body positive to the point of using real women, of all possible physical complexions, in their own campaigns.

Valentina receives daily messages from women who confess excited to have recovered the illusion for releasing clothes

In all these successes lies the reason for being of the phenomenon in which the brand has become.A dream that has made possible thanks to the confidence of all women, their already unconditional clients: the company manages more of1.200 orders per day in Sutiendaonline, of which 98% are delivered within 24h.This is complemented by the 10 stores at street level that has in cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao, whose number will increase in the coming months.

The fashion firm began its adventure and prodigy in 2015, with a table and a chair in a coworking center and an investment of € 200 €.Two years (and four movements later) that space was changed to a 5 warehouse.000 m2 and an office of 1.600 m2, in its central facilities in Elche (Alicante).If we talk about figures, in his first exercise he managed to bill 28.€ 000 and now plans to close 2021 with a turnover close to 12 million euros only in Spain.And the firm has just begun its international expansion in Portugal.

Out labels

From the beginning, Valentina has proposed to transform realities such as "if you use a large size, buy in large size stores".Its objective has been that all women in the world could go shopping without reading the happy distinctive that announces a special carving.Therefore, he opted to design a collection under the same brand where the cargo curve was huge.Every day, you receive dozens of messages from excited women because they have recovered the illusion, the joy of brand new and feeling beautiful.

Long live the curves!

In his vocation to be a real brand for real women, the firm assumed as philosophy the body postive: normal women, no models!, With their curves and with their perfectly imperfect bodies, because that is the reality of the market.That is why he has put on the women who form their own team to make them protagonists of their photo sessions for the web or their campaigns.Images that barely have retouching."What you see is what is going to get home," they indicate from the brand.

Local design

Coats, dresses, sweaters, skirts or pants.All in fashion.Ankle boots, sports boots or shoes.All in footwear.Bags, belts, hats or scarves.All in accessories.100% of Valentina's collection is designed in Elche (every week they create about 20 new references) and 90% of garments are manufactured in Europe.

Premium cosmetics

But there are more: notebooks, cases and pen.All on stationery.And also Valentina Beauty, the beauty line of the FIMA that has been growing with the development of different makeup and personal care products in collaboration with Spanish laboratories.This has allowed him to offer premium cosmetics, with the same quality as the market brands, at a really adjusted price.Like the eyelashes that launched two months ago and has already conquered: it provides length and density to the tabs in just two weeks and has a price of only € 22, compared to its average market cost, which is around € 70.90% of the clients who test their Beauty products, repeat, according to the brand.It is another sign of the "Valentina phenomenon".

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