The war between Paulo Londra and his ex does not stop: they crossed paths after he advanced an unpublished theme

The war between Paulo Londra and his ex does not stop: they crossed paths after he advanced an unpublished theme

The not so cold war between Paulo Londra and his ex-wife Rocío Moreno continues adding chapters. Although they are about to become parents again - Moreno is pregnant for more than 8 months - and they see Naomi , his first daughter, grow up, it cannot be said that they make up a happy family.

A few days ago, the rapper returned from a trip to the United States and, according to those close to the former couple, confided in Teleshow , Naomi's parents saw each other only a couple of times, very few, and things did not improve between them. The contact is being between lawyers, who would be trying to reach an agreement for alimony since Londra would not be spending money on Moreno for the maintenance of his eldest daughter and the arrival of the baby on the way. In case of not reaching an agreement , she would have thought of resorting to Justice, even more so considering that after having solved her legal problems, he will soon return to music and that she, days after becoming a mother, cannot work.

Now the battle went to social networks: this Friday, Londra shared a tender video with Naomi on his Instagram . In it, she sees the little girl hypnotized by the music that a speaker spits out. It is a song by his father, unpublished until now, which describes a heartbreak sequence: " Your hand with my hand / today this rain hurts me, maybe I'm not with you / The water falling on the window, it has no more sense ...”, says the lyrics that Naomi tries to sing.

“ Dad will always be your number 1 admirer. I love you, my lioness, I dedicate the return to you” , Paulo wrote in the epigraph referring to his long-awaited return to music after resolving his legal conflicts and of which this would be a part. song that, somehow, advanced on their social networks. And on the other hand, the Cordovan rapper differed from his ex-wife in a small but significant gesture: for the first time Naomi's face could be seen on social networks, since until now, her mother always published photos of the girl behind or sideways .

But not everyone found this a happy gesture. A while later, Rocío crossed it to her ex on her Instagram Stories: she uploaded a photo of an alleged ultrasound in which a hand is seen raising a thumb, a kind of "everything is fine" full of irony . And a legend that confirms her feeling: " You don't get the dedication and it's kind of... ", Implying that Londra would not dedicate her return to her or her baby to come. the music.

La guerra entre Paulo Londra y su ex no para: se cruzaron luego de que él adelantara un tema inédito

At the beginning of January, while the musician was in Los Angeles, Moreno broke the silence with Teleshow and for the first time told details of their separation. “ He does not have the maturity to know where he is and what he should do”, he had said to confirm that they were estranged, although they had never had a talk that put an end to their relationship, which had begun in 2015.

“ Isabela Naomi was born in July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, we were happy. We had a very big crisis, but he was remorseful and apologized, made many promises, we bet on the family and projects. I believed his promises and decided to bet. At the time he began to go out more, to get together with friends. It's not that I don't want him to get together, the issue is that he was absent from home and each time he came back later or he practically didn't come home, and he stayed at his parents' house so that I wouldn't see the schedules and how He was coming back , ”said the young influencer and said that the straw that broke the camel's back was his last trip to the United States, which he learned about through social networks: “I saw on Instagram that he was in Minnesota.”

Rocío had also said that in this second pregnancy she felt alone since she had not found support in Londra: “I was afraid, because once they put me in the hospital because my blood pressure would not go down, and I had recurring contractions, alone at home, without having someone nearby to help me down the stairs. Now my family helps me with Isabela, but before I spent it alone because I was embarrassed or didn't want them to tell me: 'What are you doing there?'” says Rocío about how little by little her daughters' father moved away from them. : Paulo returned to the “adventures and a pace of life not compatible with the family routine” .


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