These are the fashion trends that will be seen in 2022

These are the fashion trends that will be seen in 2022

These are the fashion trends that will be seen in 2022

prints and textures

The nostalgia of the past will be reflected in the prints. “ We will see optics from the 70s, flowers, mineral veins, stripes in new tones and reinvented polka dots , all this under a watercolor concept, as if that garment were made in an artist's workshop, as if it were personalized and made by a painter” Alvarado says.

And about the textures? “We are going to want to touch things that have added value.” That is, fabrics with peach skin effects, linen, rustic, and raw cotton finishes . In fact, the same thing will happen with indigo: rigid ones will be sought to achieve silhouettes inspired by the fashion of the 70s (bell-bottom pants). “The theme of dresses will be lowered a bit, silhouettes that are a little more practical will be sought, and androgynous silhouettes will reign in world comfort.”

Continuing with the return of trends from other times, Useche indicates that boots (medium and high cane) and ankle boots will be seen, as well as moccasins with thicker soles .

Estas son las tendencias de moda que se verán en el 2022

Calad says that the romantic theme will be key when it comes to clothing: lace will have a lot of participation and this will be reflected in embroidered fabrics and cotton, and in colors such as white, black and pastels.

Comfort and more awareness

Comfort will continue to play a fundamental role. Comfort will be seen in spaces such as work, home or the street, due to the need to find a balance between the physical and mental.

The tennis continues. They will have a futuristic concept with translucent, transparent and reflective materials. And the classics under the concept of the iconic ones from the 60s and the rebels from the 80s (sneakers).